Advocacy Campaigns

Women in Sport Aotearoa is committed to ensuring that women and girls have a powerful and respected voice.

In its Strategic Plan, Women in Sport Aotearoa has pledged to be the voice that:

  • Leads positive conversations around gender equity in sport and recreation
  • Shares research and provides insight/commentary on results
  • Challenges poor behaviours and holds stakeholders to account
  • Showcases and celebrates the success of female leaders in sport and recreation
  • Develops new and maximises all other available communication platforms to amplify message
  • Advocates with stakeholders, sector and media to increase quality and quantity of female sport coverage
  • Empowers ambassadors to carry messages to a wide audience

Here are some examples of the advocacy work undertaken by Women in Sport Aotearoa:

Advocacy & News

Louisa Wall, Board Member – “The year of a Ferns fairytale, football and fair pay” – Radio NZ “Fairplay” Podcast and LockerRoom, 20 December 2019

Rachel Froggatt, CEO – “Blind swimmer Mary Fisher faces new challenges out of the pool” – Stuff, 7 October 2019

Sarah Leberman, Co-Chair – “Promoting women’s sport on the menu at breakfast of champions” – Stuff, 8 August 2019

Sarah Leberman, Co-Chair, and Rachel Froggatt, CEO – Busting the myth: No one watches women’s sport – first published on LockerRoom 15 August 2019, syndicated on Radio NZ and Stuff

Rachel Froggatt, CEO – Why we’re challenging the system for equality in sport – first published on LockerRoom 20 May 2019, syndicated on Stuff

Rachel Froggatt, CEO – Support Women’s Sport’ name for Basin Reserve? – Radio New Zealand and LockerRoom 17 July 2019

Rachel Froggatt, CEO – Visit to the UN Commission on the Status of Women / Helen Clark as Patron – Radio NZ Fair Play, 29 March 2019 (16″)

Helen Clark raising her voice for women in sport”, LockerRoom” – 8 March 2019

Helen Clark becomes patron of International Working Group on women in sport” – Stuff, 8 March 2019

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark raising her voice for women in sport” – Stuff, 8 March 2019

Female Representation in Sport Leadership

Captains Lunch launch: “Raelene Castle: the brave kiwi leader of Rugby Australia stays calm under fire” – Stuff, 16 February 2020

Rachel Froggatt, CEO – “Beatrice Faumuinā first Pasifika woman appointed to Sport NZ board” – Stuff, 16 January 2020

Sarah Leberman, Co-Chair – “Male-dominated sports organisations getting desperate for women, as time runs out” – Stuff, 3 July 2019

Rachel Froggatt, CEO – The strategic case for gender equity on sports boards – first published on LockerRoom 19 June 2019, syndicated on Stuff

Rachel Froggatt, CEO – “Rugby: ‘Less than zero’ chance of female being appointed NZ Rugby CEO” – Newshub, 9 December 2018

Rachel Froggatt, CEO – “White Ferns, Leadership in Sport and Youth Olympics” – WISP Sports, 29 September 2018

Rachel Froggatt, CEO – “Government chips in $10m to shake up women’s sport” – Newshub, 11 October 2018

Rachel Froggatt, CEO – “If you’re not sitting at the table, you are on the menu” – Radio NZ Fair Play, 1 October 2018

Sarah Leberman, Co-Chair – “Lack of women in coaching detrimental to sport, says professor” – Stuff, 6 June 2018

Pay Equity & Prizemoney in Women’s Sport

Rachel Froggatt, CEO – “How Kiwi female athletes pay the bills after retirement” – Stuff, 31 August 2019

Sarah Leberman, Co-Chair – “Netball World Cup prompts call to invest in sports pay equity” – Stuff, 22 July 2019

Julie Paterson, Co-Chair – “Netball World Cup: Silver Ferns are sadly undervalued and underpaid” – Stuff, 22 July 2019

Rachel Froggatt, CEO – No prize money for Silver Ferns despite epic win – Radio NZ Checkpoint, 22 July 2019

Rachel Froggatt, CEO – Fans disappointed as world champion Silver Ferns fly home in economy class – Stuff, 23 July 2019

Rachel Froggatt, CEO – White Ferns/Women’s Master Agreement: Response – 13 August 2019

Safety & Sexism in Sport

Louisa Wall, Director & Sarah Leberman, Co-Chair – “How to prevent sexual violence through and in sport” – Radio NZ Fair Play, 27 February 2019

Rachel Froggatt, CEO – “It’s time to say ‘non’ to abuse and sexism in sport” – LockerRoom, 6 December 2018

Sarah Leberman, Co-Chair – “It’s time we all stopped ignoring sexism – but how?” – TVNZ Seven Sharp, 7 September 2017

Female Participation in Sport

Sarah Leberman, Co-Chair – “Rethink of sport in education needed to tackle drop in female participation” – Stuff, 15 October 2019

Rachel Froggatt, CEO – “Women’s sports boss looks to halt drift” – Radio New Zealand, 12 August 2018

Sarah Leberman, Co-Chair – “College Sport says it won’t budge over girl playing in boys’ team” – Stuff, 26 August 2018

Media Coverage of Women’s Sport

Sarah Leberman, Co-Chair: “It’s a long road to gender equality in New Zealand sport” – Stuff, 24 September 2017

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