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Insight Hub

Women in Sport Aotearoa is committed to the power of evidence-based research and its ability to create a strong case for change.

In its Strategic Plan, Women in Sport Aotearoa has pledged to challenge the sports system by:

  • Collaborating with key stakeholders to identify key research priorities, focussed around knowledge gaps
  • Commissioning, initiating and advocating for priority research
  • Sharing results and insights to hold stakeholders to account and change behaviours
  • Convening and utilising the Women in Sport Aotearoa Research Consortium to deliver New Zealand and Oceania research
  • Identifying and supporting international researchers and global research agencies; sharing results/insights
  • Building an international reputation as a world leading Research Hub
  • Respecting Te Tiriti o Waitangi, as New Zealand’s founding document

This Insight Hub is home to a growing amount of insights, case studies, research and tools that you can use to help further gender equity for women and girls.

Insight Bites

In these quick Insight Bites, moderated by our Chief Executive, we connect with leaders all over the world to see how they are faring post COVID-19.

Leadership from Lockdown

Tune into our 10-week Leadership From Lockdown virtual interview series, exploring the challenges and opportunities presented by COVID-19.

Advocacy Campaigns

Take a look at our advocacy campaigns to gain insight into the challenges that women and girls can face in sport and active recreation.

Research Consortium

Find out more about the Women in Sport Aotearoa Research Consortium.

Women in Sport Aotearoa is also a leading member in several cross-sector research groups consisting of a number of key agencies, including Sport New Zealand; the New Zealand Olympic Committee; the Wonderful Group; several universities; and the Women’s Sport Leadership Academy (WSLA) New Zealand.

IWG 2018-2022

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Insight Hub

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