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Support Us

Women in Sport Aotearoa was established in late 2016 and became a not-for-profit Incorporated Society on 23 January 2017.

We were officially launched on United Nations International Women’s Day, 8 March 2017. We officially became a charity on 3 March 2020.

Our funding comes from a mix of grants and trusts; donations, fundraising and gifts; and commercial partnerships.

Your support goes toward Programmes including:

  • Investment in research, to make sure that we have the very best information at hand so we, and our partners, can challenge the system with evidence
  • Change leadership support for sporting organisations, influencing the way they develop gender strategies and make investment choices in women’s sport
  • Campaigns championing existing and emerging females leaders, particularly in the coaching community where females are strongly underrepresented
  • Public advocacy campaigns to draw attention to the issues that women and girls face, when seeking equity of opportunity within sport and recreation
  • Advocacy directly with key influencers, such as media and broadcasters, to increase the quality and quantity of female representation within our society
  • Speaking engagements to help raise awareness of the issues and changes needed to ensure a fairer and safer sporting system for women and girls
  • Conferences and events designed to bring key influencers together and arm them with the best research and practices to create positive change
  • Strategic support for a developing Women in Sport Network around New Zealand, with the first regional hub already underway in Murihiku / Southland
  • Ongoing delivery of New Zealand’s obligations to the International Working Group (IWG) on Women and Sport Secretariat & Conference 2018-2022

We are incredibly grateful for any support we receive!

Grants & Trusts

Find out about our work with grants and trust funders.

Donations, Fundraising & Major Gifts

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Commercial Partnerships

Learn about our commercial partnerships philosophy and programme.

IWG 2018-2022

Find out about our leadership work on the global stage

Insight Hub

Gain real insights to help you make a case for change


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